Granted Projects:

    • CEDAR: Exploration of Lower-atmosphere Wave Forcing, Vertical Wave Coupling and Their Impacts on the Ionosphere and Thermosphere Variability Using WAM, Lidar and ISR, NSF CEDAR award 1343106, PI, 2014-2017
    • Signatures of Energy Dissipation in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupled System NASA award NNX15AW12G, PI, 2016-2017
    • Collaborative Research: Characterizing Atmospheric Gravity Waves and their Effects on the Antarctic Ozone Layer, NSF award 1543536, Co-I, 2016-2019
    • Explore the atmospheric dynamics and space weather combining numerical modeling, ground-based and satellite observations, Clemson University, PI, 2017-2019

Research Opportunities

    • Investigation of the vertical coupling of the eastward propagating planetary waves in the winter Antarctic combining the mechanistic planetary wave model, the general circulation model, and the ground-based and satellite data.
    • Identification of the wave source for the mysterious inertial gravity waves in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere of Antarctica, and the persistent high-to-medium frequency mesoscale gravity waves at middle latitudes in the Northern America using the lidar observations, a ray-tracing model and a high-resolution general circulation model.
    • Implemetation of realistic energy input to the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupled models to understand the localized energy deposition within a global context from the magnetosphere to the lower thermosphere, and to quantify the accompanied neutral-ion interaction processes.
    • Derivation of the gravity wave characteristics in the polar stratosphere, mesosphere, and lower thermosphere. Compare wave characteristics resolved in the high-resolution weather model with observations. Implement improved gravity wave parameterization and help solve the "cold-pole" problem in the climate models for a better prediction of the climate change.
    • Big data analyses, numerical modeling, and super-computating.
    • Hand-on experiences and experimental skills of lidar technology.
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Welcome to join the group to develop the interdisplinary knowledge and skills, and to work on various interesting and stimulating research projects and propose more for the future! Contact PI to apply.